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Brian: Thanks so much for coming over, especially since you are feeling ill. I know I have made a good decision by going with you, everything was explained clearly, and I was never made to feel like I was silly or didn't have enough money to really matter....something I know I wouldn't have gotten elsewhere.

We have been clients of Brian’s for over 15 years now and he has been instrumental in many areas of our major “life decisions”. Not only assisting us with our financial planning decisions but he has also played a huge part in our goals in other areas.

Brian helped us plan three changes in residences, two career changes and the acquisition of our cottage. Brian insisted we could manage our finances comfortably when we almost walked away from the best deal we would ever see. We have had our cottage for over two years now and can’t thank him enough for his guidance in getting us into this market.

Brian has provided insight and an element of comfort in every financial area while allowing us to have input in the overall processes with no pressure when making constructive suggestions.

We have also enjoyed years of above average rates of return on our investments in our dealings with Brian.

He is truly a guy you want in your corner when you have to deal with life’s changes!